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Including A Gender Lens in Peace and Conflict Studies: Not an Option

Select Publications and Major Works


School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution, GMU: Pioneer in the Field, 1982-2017.  


Middle East Peacebuilding through a Gendered Lens (written for presentation in Middle East Dialogue Annual Conference, February 2016)


Morocco: A View from Within. Mitvim. Impressions from the Region; Report no. 9; June 2013


Book Review of Phillip L. Hammack, Narrative and the Politics of Identity: The Cultural Psychology of Israeli and Palestinian Youth. In


Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice. Volume 25, Issue 2, 2013

Making Friends from Enemies, in Peacemaker 101: Careers Confronting Conflict.  Solomon Asch  Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  


Terrorism in Context in Terrorism:  Concepts, Causes, and Conflict Resolution, 2002, ed. Lt Col. R. Scott Moore, USMC [ret], Washington DC: U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency


Unraveling the Right of Return, 2003. Refuge, Vol. 21.2.


Articles (Right of Return, Internally Displaced Persons, Barrier, Road Map) in Mattar, Philip, ed.  2005.   Encyclopedia of the Palestinians, (2nd Edition).  Facts on File.


Contributions to the Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa, 2005, 2nd Edition.   Editor in Chief Philip Mattar.


Thoughts on the Past, Present and Future of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (in Arabic) in Global Issues  (Qaddaya ‘Alamiya), 2005, Volume 2, Number 1.


Some Ponderings about Northern Ireland, Estonia, Moldova and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, in  From Misunderstanding towards Openness and Collaboration in Multicultural Societies, 2005.   East-East Program: Partnership Beyond Borders, Soros FoundationMoldova. 


Unraveling the Right of Return: Israeli and Palestinian Discourse on and Attitudes toward the Right of Return (PhD Dissertation).


Entries in Biographical Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East. Fischbach, Michael, ed.  Thomson Gale Publisher, 2007.


Harmony amid Diversity: The Importance of Interfaith Dialogue. (Book Review of PeaceBuilding by, between, and beyond Muslims and Evangelical Christians. Eds. Mohammed Abu Nimer & David Augsburger).  Global Dialogue, Volume 12 ● Number 1 ● Winter/Spring 2010.


1948 - Fifty Years After: Israeli and Palestinian National Identities and Collective Memories as  Manifested in the 50th Anniversary Commemorations of the Establishment of the State if Israel,  and of the Palestinian Nakba [Masters Thesis, unpublished]